Meet our team

Dr Stella Broderick - Head Veterinarian

Essendon Vet Clinic - Head Vet Stella Broderick

Stella graduated from Melbourne University in 2003 and entered small animal practice, completing a Master’s degree in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at Murdoch University, WA in 2008. Stella enjoys the challenges of, and variation within, veterinary science. In 2013 she took on the Head Veterinarian role here at Essendon Vet. Prior to that she had a two-year stint of world travel and UK locum work.

In her spare time Stella is likely to be found socialising, running or kayaking. She also enjoys travel, snowboarding, yoga and dance.

Stella has two adorable cats - Gus, formerly known as Fungus after the terrible case of ringworm that led to his adoption, and Lily. Stella also yearns for a dog (or 6). Her husband vowed to love whatever four-legged pet she brings home. It will be interesting to see how that unfolds.


Dr Tania Mullen BVSc - Veterinarian

Essendon Vet Clinic - Vet Tania Mullen

Tania has been a part of the team at the Essendon Veterinary Clinic for the past 10 years. Growing up in Essendon Dr Tania attended primary and secondary schooling in the area after which she went on to study Veterinary Science at Melbourne University, graduating in 1999. 

Tania first began working in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne for a few years before joining the team at Essendon Vet Clinic in 2002. After taking a few breaks for overseas work and travel, and for the birth of her two children, Tania has settled back into her role and is now working part time. Her third child is a feline one, whose name is Spud and is very anti-social when it comes to other creatures, hence he has remained an only "child".

With a particular interest in dentistry, feline medicine and ophthalmology, Tania enjoys working at Essendon Vet because of the lovely clients and their pets. She also enjoys that there is a lot of new knowledge and skills being brought into the clinic by the other veterinarians and nurses; it makes life interesting and challenging. 

Outside of being a vet, Tania enjoys reading, sewing, gardening and travelling somewhere new... preferably warm!


Dr Kylee Woods - Veterinarian

Essendon Vet Clinic - Vet Kylee Woods

Kylee graduated from Melbourne University in 1996. She worked in small animal clinics in Canberra and England, then returned to Melbourne. Kylee has worked at Essendon Vet Clinic for the past 9 years. She enjoys working with our wonderful clients and their pets, and the various challenges that veterinary medicine brings.

Kylee lives on the outskirts of Melbourne in a small farming community with her husband, Geoff, and their two children. They also have quite a menagerie (the majority of whom are rehomed critters with various ailments!) including Busted the cat, Mickey the Italian Greyhound, Jack the Cavalier King Charles, guinea pigs - Fluffy, Neo and Brownie, Bob and Leroy the alpacas, and a few cute chooks.

In her spare time Kylee enjoys running, going camping and hiking, gardening, cooking and is an active member of her local Landcare Group.


Dr Libby Mullen - Veterinarian

Essendon Vet Clinic - Vet Libby Mullen

Dr Libby had been working as a locum Vet at our clinic and our sister clinics for over 6 years.  She joined our team on a part time basis from August 2015.

Libby has a pet cat called Leonard who was a stray kitten that she found.

Libby’s interests include spending time with her beautiful daughter, Poppy, and renovating her new house.




Dr Chloe Groves - Veterinarian

Essendon Vet Clinic - Vet Dr Chloe Groves

Chloe graduated from the University of Sydney in 2015 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science. She is the newest addition to our veterinary team working two days a week.

Chloe worked in a number of high quality small animal practices in Sydney before completing her veterinary studies, and enjoys the variety that each day in general practice can bring. She enjoys both medicine and surgery but her main interests include cardiology, dermatology, exotic and wildlife medicine. She is eager to expand her skill set in treating reptile and avian species in the coming years.

Chloe volunteered at a greyhound rescue prior to moving to Melbourne and is hoping to adopt one of her own very soon.


Dr Ruby Ivanov - Veterinarian

Essendon Vet Clinic - Dr Ruby Ivanov - Veterinarian

Ruby originally hails from Adelaide where she worked in human health research before studying veterinary science at the University of Melbourne. She has a fond spot for pocket pets such as bunnies, guinea-pigs and ferrets. She has two guineas to call her own, Gertie and Gretta, and a black and white cat named Kali.

Ruby dabbles in a bit of sewing and has a passion for vintage fashion. She loves going to local gigs on the weekends and is very keen to get back into dancing.

Ruby has been a wonderful breath of fresh air to the clinic and has such a great attitude and approach to patient care. She is incredibly warm and always beautifully presented.


Dr Sue Ramoo - Medical Consultant

Dr Sue Ramoo - Medical Consultant

Dr Sue Ramoo graduated from the University of Sydney in 2004 and worked in general practice for 2 years, where she saw lots of dogs, cats, a few goats, some sheep and a couple of cows! During this time she developed an interest in internal medicine which led her to undertake an internship in critical care and internal medicine, which was followed by a 3 year residency at the University of Melbourne Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Sue has since worked in private referral practices across Melbourne and is well versed in all aspects of internal medicine. She has been published in various veterinary journals and herinterests include gastroenterology, endocrinology and oncology. Outside of work, Sue dabbles in floristry and cooking. She also loves food, wine and bush walking. At home, Sue has a 6 year old Border Terrier named Lizzie, and a Princess Parrot called Kayne.

It is great to have Dr Sue Ramoo available for in-clinic assessment of those more complicated medical cases.


Rebecca Rolfe - HEAD Veterinary Nurse

Essendon Vet Clinic - Nurse Rebecca Rolfe

Rebecca was born in Melbourne and studied at Northern Melbourne Institute Tafe where she completed her Certificate III in Animal Technology. It was during this time that she discovered her passion and love for veterinary nursing.

Rebecca's nursing career started at Mill Park Animal Hospital where she worked for two years before starting with us at Essendon Vet Clinic in 2002. During this time Rebecca completed her Certificate II in Veterinary Nursing and also holds a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. In April 2016 Rebecca was appointed the new Head Nurse.

Apart from two boys, Riley and Noah, Rebecca is also a proud parent to numerous four legged children including dogs, cats and rabbits. Her interests include tennis, football and photography and having a few drinks with friends and enjoying motherhood.


Sarah Licul - Veterinary Nurse

Essendon Vet Clinic - Nurse Sarah Licul

Sarah is a keen traveller and has already seen most of Europe. She has a degree in Veterinary Bioscience with a Zoology major, which came in handy when she volunteered in a game reserve in South Africa and worked with rescued elephants in Surin, Thailand.

Sarah's areas of interest include microbiology and pathology. When she is not rolling around with Pollux her German Short-Haired Pointer or cuddling in bed with Francesca her black cat, Sarah is out on her dirt bike or watching mixed martial arts.



Bec Crowther - Veterinary Nurse

Essendon Vet Clinic - Nurse Rebecca Crowther

Bec started her nursing career in March 2012 at one of our sister clinics. Before nursing she worked in catteries and kennels after completing her Certificate II in Animal Studies. She will be commencing her second year of her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2014.

In her spare time Bec spends most of her time with friends or at the gym as she sees herself as a fitness enthusiast. At home Bec has her two feline babies, Ludo and Layla. 




Melissa Hanlon - Veterinary Nurse

Essendon Vet Clinic - Nurse Melissa Hanlon

Melissa joined our team as a permanent Saturday nurse in early 2013. In the past 4 years she worked full time at one of our sister clinics where she first trained to become a veterinary nurse. Melissa recently completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. However her love for nursing doesn't stop with animals, Melissa is currently studying for her Bachelor of Midwifery. Nevertheless her furry friends will always be her first love. 

While Melissa has had an array of pets in the past ranging from guinea pigs, canaries, a very cheeky cockatoo and a Jack Russell, she now looks after a very crazy Koolie named Diesel and a mischievous rabbit named Barney. She does remain hopeful that one day her partner will let her adopt a cat!

Janelle Gaff - Veterinary Nurse

Essendon Vet Clinic - Nurse Janelle Raff

Janelle joined our nursing team back in 2002. She completed her Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Nursing in 2000 while working at an Emergency Centre. Since starting her family seven years ago she has been working on a casual basis and is now looking forward to working part-time. Janelle has a special interest in animal behaviour.

At home Janelle lives with her husband Alan and three children, Caleb, Ryder and Keely and Ned, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.



Andrea Lopez - Veterinary Nurse

Essendon Vet Clinic - Nurse Andrea Lopez

Andrea joined our nursing team in August 2015, after completing her study in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience at Latrobe University.

Andrea is a proud parent to two Maltese crosses and a Chihuahua. Along with veterinary nursing, Andrea has an interest in animal behaviour and puppy school.

In her spare time Andrea helps walk dogs at the Pets Haven animal shelter in Woodend.




Serena Cutter - Veterinary Nurse

Essendon Vet Clinic - Nurse Serena Cutter

Essendon Vet welcomed Serena to the practice in April 2016, after working as a Locum nurse for two years at one of our sister clinics. Serena has travelled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Australia, the Philippines, Switzerland, England and Wales. She has a Bachelor Degree in Journalism but decided to have a career change and became a dog groomer.

Serena has completed a Certificate II in Animal Studies at Victoria University and is currently undertaking study in Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. What Serena loves most about working with dogs is that she can help her clients to feel comfortable, learn ways to best meet their needs and to see their personalities come out. She is vegan and really loves food.


Puss - Clinic Cat - In Memoriam

Essendon Vet Clinic - Boss cat Puss

Our much loved and always entertaining clinic cat, Puss, passed away in March 2013 from lymphoma. A special girl that will never be forgotten by clinic staff and and by our many clients who cared for her as much as we did.





Shelley - Clinic Cat - In Memoriam

Shelley, our wonderful friend of 18 years, kept us company at the clinic and enjoyed lots of hugs from both our team and our clients. Shelley lived quite a peaceful life and rarely asked for anything (except when any of us had a really nice lunch). Shelley sadly passed away in April 2008 and she will be greatly missed.