It's Fledgeling Season

This Wattlebird fledgling was brought in to our care by a member of the general public this month. The little one was found on the ground in a backyard. Fledglings are covered in feathers and are able to perch on a branch. If the bird seems unable to cling well to branches, is bald or has little feathers then it is a nestling.

It is important to know that the vast majority have not been “abandoned or orphaned” and the parents are near by keeping a close eye on their young. Many of these birds are in fact fledglings that have recently left the nest and are learning to fly for a period of time anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

This little fledgling's finder did all the right things by watching the bird from a safe distance to ensure that it is in fact abandoned- making sure it was safe from predators like domestic cats and dogs. The parents did not return in 24 hours so the baby was brought in to us.

Our caring vets gave the little one a check-over and found it was in perfect health. The nurses began hand rearing with a special wattlebird formula, before it was collected by an official wildlife carer for ongoing rehabilitation.

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