Top Dog breeds and Cat breeds in Melbourne for 2011

If you are thinking about adding a new puppy, kitten, guinea pig or rabbit to your family or just curious to know the latest in dog and cat breeds, here are our most popular puppy and kitten breeds and cross breeds in Melbourne for 2011.

Melbourne's Top 5 Pure Breed Dogs

  1. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  2. Labrador
  3. Jack Russell Terrier
  4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  5. Miniature Schnauzer

Melbourne's Top 5 Cross Breed Dogs

Accidents do happen and we end up with an array of cross breed dogs. But it appears the trend of designer named dogs is evident in 2011, with our list being dominated by all things Poodle - the Spoodle, the Cavoodle and the Groodle to name a few.

  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross - particularly dominated by the Cavailer King Charles Spaniel x Poodle, fondly referred to as the Cavoodle
  2. Maltese cross - particularly dominated by the Maltese cross Shih Tzu
  3. Cocker spaniel cross - Particlularly dominated by the Cocker spaniel cross Poodle or fondly referred to as the Spoodle
  4. Labrador cross
  5. Jack Russell Terrier cross

Melbourne's Top 5 Cat Breeds

  1. Burmese
  2. Ragdoll
  3. British Shorthair
  4. Tonkinese and Bengal sharing equal position
  5. Russian Blue

Melbourne's Top Moggies

  1. Domestic short hair - an outstanding leader
  2. Domestic medium hair 
  3. Domestic long hair



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