A dental first then a new home for Morris

Morris had a rough trot... he was abandoned by his family, but luckily ended up at Second Chance Animal Rescue under the care of nurse Marisa. As an adult cat he needed a full check over before he could be re-homed. During his examination Dr Seina noticed he had some nasty gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and tartar build up on his teeth. Before he could find a forever home he needed to have his teeth cleaned. Gingivitis is also a condition which can be associated with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, or Cat Aids) so at the time of Morris's dental a blood sample was taken to test for FIV. If he was infected it would severely restrict the homes he could be adpoted into.

FIV is a viral disease, spread through the saliva of infected cat via cat bite wounds. Any cat who spends time outside is at risk of contracting the disease. FIV is untreatable and can cause or contribute to many problems, including low grade chronic infections, mouth ulcers and cancer of the immune system. Many cats can live long lives with FIV but they will need more careful monitoring and quicker response when they are unwell. They should be kept indoor and in a single cat household so they are not at risk of spreading the disease.  Luckily, we can vaccinate against FIV!

Morris was lucky, his blood test came back negative. His gingivitis was due to infection and plaque build-up in his mouth, which was all rectified during his dental procedure.

Morris was able to move to his forever home and his new owners decided to vaccinate him against FIV.  If you are concerned about your outdoor cat contracting FIV or have any questions regarding FIV, please feel free to give us a call on 9375 1039. Learn more about FIV and other feline diseases here.