Ace breaks a leg... literally

Late one night Ace was chasing the bats in the fruit trees in his yard when his owners heard an almighty cry. They went out to find Ace unable to put weight on one of his back legs. He was admitted to a late night emergency clinic where his leg was splinted. Soon after, Ace was transferred to us at Essendon Veterinary Clinic for further evaluation of his leg.

X-rays revealed that Ace had a broken back leg. He had fractured his tibia and fibula, and his leg was very unstable and it was obvious it was very sore. Surgery was needed to repair the broken bone. Dr Seina applied a bone plate and 11 screws to the fractured bone. For the bone to heal it is very important that the bone is properly aligned and immobilised. After a couple of days in hospital and after a thorough check over that he had good pain control and showing no evidence of infection in his leg, Ace was sent home on more pain medication and ongoing antibiotics.

Ace, though still recovering, is much happier now. It will take about 8 weeks for his bone to heal, and after this time we will take more x-rays of his leg to examine the healing process. Once the bone is entirely healed, we will remove the bone plate and his leg will be back to normal use again.

Ace has been a very brave and a wonderful patient throughout his terrible ordeal. Despite all he has been through he still comes through the front door with a wagging tail and a kiss for Dr Seina!