An unusual Essendon visitor - Magpie survives sparks and explosion

Sometimes we are not quite sure what will come through the door at the Essendon Vet Clinic next, and on a busy Tuesday morning we were never expecting this. Across the road there was a mini explosion, with sparks flying everywhere, then something fell from the powerlines. Simone and Tania ran across the road to see what had happened, while the rest of the clinic tried to sort out the computers that had stopped working with the momentary loss of electricity. The rescuers returned with a very stunned and charcoaled magpie, blinking at us, unsure what to do.

On initial examination the magpie appeared to have lots of burnt feathers, a seared beak and claws, but to otherwise be ok. Simone rang around to some wildlife carers and a vet that specialises in wildlife avian medicine to see what was the best course of treatment. The plan was to give him some antibiotics, pain relief and fluid under the skin and that any internal damages would become apparent in the next twenty-four to fourty-eight hours.

All this was done while the magpie protested in vain, having decided he didn't feel he needed veterinary attention. Some silverzine (burn cream,) was applied to his claws to ensure they did not blister, and he was given some lectade (water with electrolytes in it,) to help rehydrate him. Kylee was sent out to try and find a few branched for his cage, but returned with half a tree. Mr. Magpie spent the afternoon and the next few days in a very comfortable cage sitting on a perch, watching the goings on of the clinic and occasionally munching on one of the many worms that we had got for him.

The magpie has recovered well from his arguement with the powerlines, he is now under the care of the wildlife vet and is going to have an anaesthetic soon to have his feathers plucked. He is well on his way to freedom and no doubt he will be keen to be out in time for that big day in September where Janelles beloved Maggies run onto the MCG.