An unusual meal for Suimai

One morning Suimai came in to visit us as he had been up all night vomiting. He was very quiet that morning which was very out of character for him. His stomach was very sore to touch and he was dehydrated.

Sumai's owner mentioned that he had a habit of eating stockings, which proved to be a very important part of his history.

X-rays were taken of Suimai's stomach and they showed evidence of a blockage in his intestines. We then gave him an anaesthetic and did surgery to find out what was causing the problem. Suimai had a stocking stuck all the way from his stomach to his large intestines with all of the intestine in between bunched up like a concertina.

We removed the stocking and Suimai made a fantastic recovery. We saw him 10 days later for sutures to be removed and even though we thought he may have learnt a lesson, he had eaten the feathers from his owners hat the day before! What a rascal!