Angel's sore and infected ears

Angel recently visited us with a very common problem. Her owners had recently noticed Angel shaking her head and pawing at her ears, and she had started to smell funny! On examination, Angel's ears were very red and sore, and the smell was coming from an infection in her ear canals.

Angel was in too much pain for us to examine deep into her ears so we elected to proceed straight to a full ear examination and treated Angel under a general anaesthetic. When the ears are sore it is sometimes very difficult to examine and treat them in a fully conscious dog or cat. Having Angel asleep allowed us to do the procedure more thoroughly and quickly with no discomfort.

We examined Angel's ears to make sure the ear drums were intact (if not, some medications can be dangerous). We also examined the type of discharge in her ears and gave them a thorough clean out. Examination of swabs taken while Angel was asleep identified a yeast called Malassezia to be the main culprit in her ear infection. Angel required some pain relief and ear drops to be applied directly into both ear canals. Within days her ears were much more comfortable.

After a two week course of treatment we can happily report that Angel is now doing very well.