Angus the Great Dane who had bones lodged in his stomach

Angus is a gorgeous 5½ year old great dane owned by the Nicholls family. Early one Friday morning, Mr Nicholls rang concerned that Angus may have had a condition called bloat and we advised him to come straight down to the clinic.

Angus arrived at the clinic looking very listless and lethargic. We immediately put him onto intravenous fluids and took an x-ray of his stomach. The x-ray showed us that he had a very enlarged stomach but rather than being full of gas which we had first thought, it was actually full of bones and food.

Angus then received a general anaesthetic and we tried to pass a tube down into his stomach so that we could empty it but this was unsucessful. Something was blocking the way. This meant that Angus needed surgery.

Once Julian had opened up his stomach, we could see the huge bones blocking everything up. We took them all out and stitched Angus back up again. He was also given lots of pain relief medication so that he wouldn't be too uncomfortable when he woke up from the anaesthetic.

Angus was up and about again the next day but still feeling pretty bad. After lots of TLC from all the staff he bounced back very quickly. A few days later we started to offer him small amounts of a special diet designed to aid him in his recovery. He ate this very well and there was no more vomiting.

Angus stayed in hospital with us for 5 days and went home very happy to see his family again. We are very glad to let you know that Angus is still doing great!!