Beatrice's Beautiful Eyes

When Beatrice the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit was just 9 months old, her owner Beka noticed that her eye was damaged. Beka quickly brought Beatrice into our clinic to see Dr. Tania Mullen and it was discovered that she had formed an abscess on her eye, caused by a small protazoal organism common to rabbits called E-cuniculi. After her examination with Dr Tania, it was decided that referral for specialist surgery would be the only option to save Beatrice's eye.

Beatrice went in for surgery at All Animal Eye Services to save her eye and the news was great - her vision was saved! Beatrice had the damaged parts of her eye (including the lens) removed, and she now can see and isn't in any pain.

Since the surgery, our team has been looking after Beatrice on her long road to recovery. She has had to have medication and drops administered in her eye, (at the start 9 doses a day,) which has affected her relationship with people somewhat, (as it's hard to trust someone when they just keep giving you eye drops or bad tasting medicine,) but she loves her boyfriend 'Lago' so much she doesn't really need the company of people! Beatrice has since been back to our clinic for her post operative checks and she is looking fantastic and has the most beautiful sparkling eyes!