Biggles reminds pet owners the importance of senior health check

Biggles recently visited us for a routine vaccination. He has been clinically well at home and seemed to be bright and happy at his visit. However, as Biggles is now a mature pet at 9 years of age, we recommended doing a urine screen to ensure that his kidneys are functioning properly and also to check that other parameters are normal.

Biggles' urine sample showed a high level of blood present. This was very abnormal and required further investigation. Using our new ultrasound machine we were able to see abnormalities in Biggles' bladder. To confirm what these abnormalities were we took an x-ray. As you can see on Biggles' x-ray (right), there are two large stones visible in his bladder. These would have been making life a little uncomfortable for Biggles but pets are so good at hiding these things that they had gone undetected. Read more about bladder stones in dogs.

Biggles' case is a good example of how easy internal diseases or disorders can go unnoticed had we not conducted a quick simple test. As dogs age, we may notice the external signs such as white hairs around the muzzle and decreased activity but there are those internal signs we can't see that may indicate age-related diseases such as kidney and heart diseases. This is why it is important for our older pets to have a senior health check every 6 months. Visit our Pet Library on Seniors to learn more about aging pets.