Bullet dodges a bullet


Bullet with Nurse Hope

Bullet is Nurse Hope's adopted dog that regular visitors may have met at the clinic. Hope lived up to her name when she bravely rescued him after he was surrendered due to his chronic skin problems. Poor Bullet has a very delicate constitution, also suffering from a heart murmur and fits of weakness. Bullet will overheat himself on hot days by lying in the sun and not drinking enough water. He requires daily medication and skin care as well as weekly medicated baths. Despite all of this, he is a beautiful dog with a big heart and lovely, steady nature.

To add to his woes, Bullet recently ingested some very toxic chemicals! Hope returned home to find that Bullet had ingested some potentially fatal cleaning chemicals while she was at work. She rushed him immediately to the clinic where we could begin treatment. As the chemicals were acidic and likely to damage his oesophagus if regurgitated we were not able to induce him to vomit. Instead, we had to concentrate on protecting his intestinal system from any damage from the strong substances.

Nurse Hope had to monitor him very closely for the first 24 hours, getting up at four-hourly intervals to check and medicate him. In his typical laid back style, Bullet remained unaffected by all the commotion - he didn't show any signs of being unwell and probably wondered what all the fuss was about. Luckily Bullet recovered fully and is doing better than ever!