Bundy the Great Dane Cross receives a new hip!

Bomber's supporter, Bundy, is a very friendly 15 month old Great Dane cross who was having a few episodes of pain and lameness in his back leg. After an initial check up and a trial of anti-inflammatory it was necessary to get some x-rays, these confirmed that Bundy had a condition called hip dysplasia (HD), one of the more common conditions we see in large breed dogs.

The hip joint should have a nice snug "ball and socket" type conformation, however in HD the head of the femur (the ball) sits poorly in the acetabulum (the socket) these bones are often miss-shaped which adds to the problems for dogs with HD. The poorly formed joint creates abnormal forces within the joint and leads to early severe degenerative joint disease which is very painful and debilitating.

Bundy was referred to a specialist veterinary surgeon who confirmed that the best treatment for Bundy would be a total hip replacement. Luckily for Bundy his mum and dad had taken out pet insurance when he was a puppy, while it was still a very emotional and difficult decision to go ahead with the operation, having pet insurance helped to ease the financial pressure this could have caused. Total hip replacement surgery can be quite costly (with the cost of implants, specially trained surgeons, a long surgical time and specialist team needed for the procedure), the insurance his parents had covered about 80% of total costs and they found claims were settled without problems. They recommend anyone taking out pet insurance to go through the insurance policies PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) very carefully, to know what your pets is and isn't covered for. As some of the terminology can be a bit technical it is also a good idea to go through anything you are unsure about with your vet.

Bundy had his surgery mid April and is recovering very well. His new hip should last him for life and he can now look forward to a healthy, active and pain-free life.

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