Cookie the super slimmer

Cookie the cheeky Cavalier came to our clinic limping and looking quite overweight. At nine years old, she was found to have moderate arthritis so she was started on appropriate medications. At the time of diagnosis she was over her ideal body weight by more than 20%. That's the equivalent of a 60kg person being 12kg overweight!

Cookie joined our weight loss program and was started on a high fibre low calorie diet. Within 6 months Cookie was down to her ideal body weight and her arthritis medications were able to be reduced dramatically as she was no longer carrying excess weight around on old joints. Her owners have noted Cookie to be more playful and active since she lost weight.

Obesity is a serious disease and predisposes our pets to a range of health problems including diabetes, heart disease, joint and orthopaedic disease, respiratory problems, heat intolerance and premature ageing.

Obesity sneaks up on our pets and is usually attributed to excessive calorie intake, human snacks and lack of exercise. Carrots, cucumbers, celery and icecubes are healthy alternatives to reward your pets with but the below treats are not. The table shows what the treats are equivalent to human snack foods.

Dog Treat = Human equivalent
1 small plain biscuit = 1 hamburger
1 slice buttered toast = 1 hamburger
30gm cheddar cheese = 75gm chocolate
100gm sausage = 6 donuts

At Essendon Veterinary Clinic, we offer a free weight management program tailored to your pet, to help them reach and maintain their optimal body weight. A regulated exercise program will help promote total wellness for maximum benefit to your pet. The use of high quality veterinary diets means your pet will not miss out on any essential nutrients throughout their weight management program. Learn more about our weight loss program and pet obesity by clicking on the links below.