Dr Tania Mullen puts her new Ophthalmology skills to the test

Boo Radley before her eye surgery

This article was written by Dr Tania Mullen:

"In celebration of the much anticipated release of Harper Lee’s new book I felt it was appropriate to have one of our favourite French Bulldogs ‘Boo Radley’ as the case of the month. Boo Radley is a 9 year old desexed female who has had a few problems over the past few years, but the one I am going to write about involves a lump on her right eye.

Her very observant mum noticed a small lump on her right upper eyelid earlier in the year.  We trialled various courses of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories but only small changes were noted.  The lump continued to increase in size so something needed to be done.  The concerns were that the lump would continue to increase in size and it was also distorting the eyelid, resulting in the sensitive tissue on the surface of the eye (the cornea) being irritated and starting to dry out. The options were discussed and it was decided that surgery to remove the lump would be advisable.  

Boo Radley during surgery

The lump was very large, but as French Bulldogs generally have a bit of extra skin around their eyes the removal would be possible.

I conducted studies last year specialising in Ophthalmology and was shown some new techniques to successfully remove lumps from the eyelid like this one.

The lump was removed with a large V section.  The eyelid then needed to be closed, with the use of magnification and careful suturing, the eyelid was placed back together. The pressure on the eyelid was then released by making a small incision at the side of the eye.  This technique worked really well and Boo Radley is as good as new.  It is actually really hard to tell where the surgery was performed.  

Boo Radley can now go back to being her cheeky self with her also beautiful brother, Finch."

Boo Radley after surgery
Boo Radley's brother Finch