Duke's hazard


Duke is a purebred Golden Retriever pup. He loves to play, tug and chew on all sorts of toys. Unfortunately he has also been known to ingest more than one of his treasures.

In his short life, Duke has visited us at the vet clinic more than a couple of times, always resulting from an inquisitive mind and an overzealous search for fun.

Duke endured gastroenteritis (vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy) requiring fluid therapy via a drip, antibiotics, anti nausea injections, special gentle intestinal diets and probiotics. He also hurt his leg playing with a big dog.

This radiograph was taken of Duke at the Animal Accident and Emergency Centre in Essendon. It shows why Duke was still feeling ill after several days of gentle diet and antibiotics.

Duke's x-ray

Can you spot the strange objects?

Duke was lucky that he was able to pass all of these objects without surgical intervention but within one day of the hospital visit, he had torn apart the rabbit toy he is pictured with (above) and ate it too! His poor owners have had a lot to worry about.

The objects did cause some trauma on the way into and out of his digestive tract and have left him with a sensitive stomach and signs like reflux. Many dogs and cats are unable to pass ingested problem objects obstructing their guts and require expensive invasive surgery. Most who find themselves in this kind of trouble are young but even fully grown adult pets can be offenders.

We often hear of choking hazards for children and take precautions to ‘child-proof’ our homes when an infant is visiting. Puppies, kittens, bunnies, and almost all mammals teethe. They explore the world, in part, by chewing on things and can sometimes make mistakes in what they swallow.

To find out more about recommended toys for your pet, visit our website pages on safe toys for dogs, for cats and for rabbits.

In spite of all reasonable precautions, some pets find themselves in trouble. Early intervention and thorough hydration helped Duke to avoid surgery. We are so pleased to see him on the road to recovery.