Good owners have an eye on Milo

As veterinarians we are often asked how we know what is going on with our patients when we can't ask them. While this sometimes makes things difficult, we rely very much on the human companions of our furry friends to help us out. Milo is such a case. His very perceptive owners noticed that he was chewing his food a little unusual on one side of his mouth. They brought Milo to the clinc to find out why.

On his inital examination, Milo's teeth and gums looked healthy. However, on closer examination it was noted that there was rapid progression of dental disease on the side of his mouth he didn't want to chew on. This sent up alarm bells! There must be something causing pain in Milo's mouth making him want to chew only on one side.

Milo was admited for a full dental check up, which is only possible under general anaeasthesia. Once Milo had dozed off, we were able to identify the cause of Milo's pain. He had a fractured tooth which was only visible from inside the mouth. The damaged tooth was removed, and all other teeth cleaned and polished. After some pain relief and antibiotics, Milo was feeling great again.

Milo highlights just how important you are in your pet's health - you know what is normal and any changes in behaviours and actions could indicate a problem, and is worth having checked.