Graham the sensitive cat and his serious condition

Graham is a lovely big grey and white cat that had been having trouble with cystitis. He had been squatting in his litter tray frequently and trying to pass urine. Graham is a very sensitive cat and suffers from a condition called idiopathic cystitis. This means that any stressful event in his life such as renovations in the house or a change in diet can result in him developing cystitis.

On this particular day he had started showing signs of cystitis but overnight his condition became critical and his urethra blocked. This means he was unable to urinate as a small plug had formed in the end of his urethra. His bladder became very full and painful putting a lot of pressure on his kidneys and allowing dangerous levels of electrolytes to build up in his blood stream. Left any longer and Graham would have certainly died. He was brought in and we immediately admitted him to the hospital.

Graham was put on an intravenous drip and anaesthetised. We were able to pass a catheter up his urethra to unblock it and drain the large amount of urine from his bladder. Although we had unblocked his urethra a blood test showed that his kidneys had suffered damage and he was kept in hospital on a drip for three days. Over this time his kidney enzymes slowly returned to normal. He was given valium to help with his stress and allow him to urinate more easily. He required lots of pats and affection to encourage him to eat in hospital but was soon eating lots of his special urinary diet. He is now at home and very happy to be back with his family.