Homebound Halo!

Meet Halo. This gorgeous 12 month old kitten has quite the story to tell. If only cats could talk! Halo became part of a family in Baccus Marsh when she was a tiny munchkin. Her owners were very responsible and made sure she kept up to date with all her vaccinations and preventatives and administered a microchip at their local vet clinic. Microchipping is a permanent form of identification for your pet. Inserting a microchip is like a vaccination, it only takes a few seconds. The procedure is very safe and your pet will feel little pain. Once done, your pet's details, and your contact address and phone numbers are entered on a national database.

Halo’s family were very distraught when their little Halo went missing. A whopping three months later, Halo was reunited with her frantic family who had given up hope of ever seeing her again. Having a microchip means that if your pet is ever lost, a ranger, animal shelter or veterinarian anywhere in Australia can scan your pet for a microchip and access your contact details. 

Halo came to see us for her first adult vaccination and was given a clean bill of health! Her family also signed her up to our Best For Pets program!

We can insert a microchip during a normal veterinary consultation. Please contact us for an appointment or for more information.