Is Coco our oldest feline patient?

Coco is one of our oldest patients. She is over 21 years old. At a recent check up, it was noted that she had developed gingivitis and had cavities in two of her teeth. Her mouth was sore and she needed these teeth removed. Coco has Chronic Renal (kidney) Failure (CRF) and hypertension (high blood pressure).

A common concern our clients have with their pets when they are get older is the safety of general anaesthesia (GA). It would be impossible to say any anaesthetic or medication is 100% safe but the more informed we are about our patients' health, the safer the procedure becomes. Newer medications, monitoring equipment and having a dedicated anaesthetic nurse dramatically improve the safety of general anaesthesia.

Coco was booked in for a GA and dental procedure because of the pain she was suffering from her teeth. As Coco has CRF and hypertension, urine and blood tests were organised, along with blood pressure measurement to ensure her medication was still at an effective dose. She was admitted to hospital the night before her procedure for intravenous fluids so she would be properly hydrated before her anaesthetic.

After an uneventful GA and having two teeth removed, Coco is feeling much brighter and happier. She does not have many teeth left now but we can be confident that Coco is now living out her golden years without the pain she could have if we did not remove the decaying teeth.

Due to the special needs of our senior patients, we prefer to see them every six months. We see Coco at least every three months because if there are any changes to her current medical conditions, or if any new conditions develop, we will be able to pick up these problems sooner which will make them easier to treat.

Do you have a senior cat? Does he/she get a wellness check up every six months?