Is Jet the Doberman just 'full of hot air'?

Hi, my name's Jet and I'm an 8month old Doberman. I was feeling a bit lousy for 3-4 days, vomiting, not eating and not really wanting to play like I usually do and so mum and dad took me to the emergency vet. They took some x-rays of my tummy, and found I had excessive gas (I could have told them that!) but no obvious obstructions were seen. I was taken home but the next day I really didn't feel much better at all.

So off I went to the vet again, this time to Essendon. At Essendon, the vets thought I might have had an obstruction that doesn't show up clearly on x-rays, items like wood or socks or plastic toys. They took some of my blood to be tested and put me on a drip while I felt too ill to eat. The drip was great! By the time my blood results came through the next day, I was feeling heaps better and I wanted to eat. The blood tests ruled out any problems in my abdominal organs like the kidneys and liver, so it was most likely that I had an obstruction in the intestine.

I was then fed a funny little capsule called "BIPS". Apparently the BIPS contain tiny round markers that show up bright white on an x-ray so if I had an obstruction they would all bunch up in the one place and the x-ray would show us where it was. We waited 6 hours after I'd eaten the BIPS and then another x-ray was taken. Unfortunately the BIPS were indeed all bunched up in the one place, and my poor intestines were almost bursting with the amount of gas I had. The vets talked about me for a long time.....

Based on my BIPS x-ray I was a sure candidate for surgery to remove a suspected obstruction, but because I was looking so much better after the drip and was now eating normally and happy and bouncing about, the decided to wait until the next day and repeat the x-rays then to see what was going on.

The next morning the x-ray was repeated and the BIPS were actually moving through my rectum! It looked as if there was still some kind of foreign body sitting in my small intestine, but it was slowly moving through now that I was re-hydrated by the drip. Mum and Dad (and I!) were very happy that I didn't need surgery. We continued the fluids until that afternoon and because I was so bright and eating so well, the vets sent me home. I went on to make a full recovery at home and have never looked back!