Ivy finds a new home

Spring time always sees an inundation of stray and unwanted kittens. At Essendon Veterinary Clinic we try our best to help local welfare agencies rehome some of these precious little bundles of joy through our Cat Adoption Centre. Recently, a little white and tabby girl came to us to be rehomed. She is a bundle of fun and energy, and was desexed and ready to find her new home.

At the same time, a friend of Dr Seina had a lovely lost adult cat coming around to her home daily for quite awhile. She even turned up a few times drenched during the storms that we have had! The kids called her "Sussapuss" and had grown very attatched to her. Posters in the local area had not found her owner so Sussapuss was brought down to the clinic to see if she had a microchip and if her owners could be found. Luckily, she was microchipped and a phone call later she was reunited with her much relieved owners who had recently moved to the area and thought Sussapuss was lost forever!

While in the clinic picking up their lost cat, Sussapuss' family spotted our little kitten waiting to be rehomed. Seeing the joy that Sussapuss had brought to the family, it was decided our little girl needed to go home with them. She is now named Ivy and lives with two human brothers who adore and spoil her. Despite thoroughly trashing the Christmas tree, Ivy has settled into her new home tremendously.

All kittens rehomed through Essendon Veterinary Clinic are desexed, microchipped and have their full course of kitten vaccinations included in their purchase price. Select the link below to learn more about our Cat Adoption Centre. If you are thinking of adopting a new friend, please give us a call or pop in to see one of our little babies.