Jack's check-up reveals more than a rotten tooth

Jack is an eleven year old Labrador that bounded into the clinic on a sunny Saturday morning. He was visiting us (with his owner) for a general check up and vaccination (and also to taste-test our special liver treats!). On examination, it was found that Jack had some rotten teeth.

Jack's teeth required removal and to minimise the impact of tumours and other health problems we also recommended that he be desexed.

During examination we found that there was a large mass in Jack's abdomen. We discussed the options with Jack's owners with regard to investigating this mass further and they elected to have an ultrasound done. This is a non-invasive way to have a look at soft tissue masses. The results showed that the mass was benign (not a nasty cancer) but being on Jack's spleen meant there was a danger of a rupture and then blood loss should it grow any larger or be knocked.

Luckily, it could be removed and would not spread around his body. Jack was booked in for surgery to have his spleen and teeth removed and also to be castrated. Jack was an excellent patient. He stayed overnight after his surgery to remain on intravenous fluid therapy and pain relief.

Jack is also one of the first larger dogs to enjoy our new dog runs installed with our renovations, which allowed him to spread out and be extra comfortable. Jack spent the next week at the beach recovering (lucky seagulls!). He is now doing fantastically well and fortunately still enjoys our liver treats!!