Jasper's new threads relieve a long term problem

Jasper is a regular visitor to the clinic. When from the age of 11 weeks old he was diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis. Atopic Dermatitis is an allergic skin disease of dogs which is caused by immunological hypersensitivity to common substances in the environment such as house dust mites. In Jasper's case, he is allergic to eight different types of grasses, dust mites and elm trees to name a few. It all started when Jasper was always seen to be scratching, although being up to date with all his preventatives, flea control, worming and heartworm prevention Jasper was sent to see a skin specialist, of whom did numerous tests on his skin and it was concluded that Atopic Dermatitis was what he had.

Treatment for this condition requires Jasper to visit us at the clinic every three weeks for an Immunotherapy injection (allergy vaccine). Jasper's mum to assist in his skin protection has found a special suit called an allergy / sun suit. The suit is made of cotton lycra and is very breathable and lightweight. The suit is ideal for snow protection, control shedding, dirt, biting insects and coat damage. The full coverage bodysuit can also be used to protect rashes, injuries and surgical sites.
The suits allow Jasper to be able to do the things that a normal dog can do, which is great.
If you have a dog or a cat with itchy skin and have just run out of answers try the full cover bodysuit Jasper has and  likes it.