Josephine feeling bunny unwell

Josephine is a lovely bunny who we visits us, sometimes accompanied by her friend Bruce. Recently Josephine's owners had noticed she hadn't been herself for an extended period of time.

Often in little lop rabbits, the source of intermittent periods of being unwell is identified as being due to underlying dental worries. Luckily for Josephine, x-rays showed that her teeth looked great. Unfortunately though it was noted that one of her ears had an infection that had moved through into her inner ear area. These infections are relatively common in lop-eared bunnies due to their ear canals being very narrow as they approach the ear drum. Given the narrow nature of the ear canal, the ease of collection of wax and the warm environment, infections are easily established. These infections sometimes remain isolated to the outer ear canal, however sometimes the ear drum will rupture and the infection can move further into the ear.

Josephine is currently being treated with weekly injections of antibiotics and regular ear cleaning at home. She remains cheeky and well, and we hope she makes a speedy recovery.

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