Lucky Frankie saved by our nurses

Frankie is a very lucky three legged, deaf, white cat with no ears but a personality that makes up for it all. He had been hit by a car and was taken to a shelter where he was destined to be put to sleep before our nurse Marisa decided to foster him. Frankie is a lovely little cat who just needed some tender care and rehabilitation.

Marisa noticed Frankie had some cancer growth on his ear tips so brought him to the clinic to have them removed. Squamous cell carcinoma is a common skin cancer of cats and dogs, and occurs mainly on the white or unpigmented areas of skin. It is caused by exposure to the sun. If your pet has white ears or a white nose it is important that they are not exposed to the sun or that they wear sunscreen when they go outside.

Frankie is also deaf. This is common in white cats where it is a genetic disorder due to degeneration of the inner ear. They can be deaf in one or both ears. It is also more common in white cats with blue eyes who are 3 to 5 times more likely to be deaf. Frankie is a great cat and now has a fantastic home with our nurse Simone who decided he would make a great addition to her menagerie. He now lives a very happy indoor life at her house and has made best friends with her dog Lilly.