Maggie's troubling legs

Meet the lovely Maggie, who visited us with some lameness issues some time ago. She was diagnosed with a soft tissue injury in her back leg that responded well to medication and rest. A few years later Maggie developed osteoarthritis in her stifles. She was started on a Disease Modifying Osteoarthritic Drug called Pentosan and a powder called Jointguard, which improved her stiffness significantly and assisted with her joint difficulties. In addition to this, her owners were managing her weight well, as being overweight places more pressure on joints, and in Maggies situation they were not coping already, thus making weight control an important aspect of her treatment plan.

A few years down the track, Maggie’s legs deteriorated and she began limping. We advised to do some x-rays on Maggie to fully evaluate her pathology within her stifles.

Maggie underwent a general anaesthetic and imaging was carried out. It was found that she had incurred damage to her hind left knee ligaments, in addition to having hip dysplasia, a common condition in large breed dogs. Maggie was started on Hills Joint Diet (J/D) food to help with her osteoarthritis and her owner noticed a significant improvement with this. 

Earlier this year, Maggie began limping on her right hind leg. Clinic examination by our veterinarians revealed the strong possibility of cranial cruciate ligament rupture. Repeat x-rays confirmed this diagnosis and Maggie underwent an orthopaedic surgery called a TTO (Triple Tibial Osteotomy) to repair the damage caused by her anterior cruicate ligament rupture. Nearly one month later and Maggie is, week by week, making a steady recovery. We look forward to seeing her bouncing around the clinic once more.