Meet Jemma our cruciate ligament patient

Jemma is a 9 year old Pomeranian cross that became very lame in her hind leg after running up some stairs. Her knee appeared to be very swollen, painful to touch and had an unusual movement when manipulated.

Jemma was admitted for sedation and examination. Once she was relaxed under the sedation it was more obvious that the knee was unstable and that she had ruptured her cruciate ligament in the joint. This ligament is designed to stabilize the joint and on-going problems of the abnormal movement of the joint leads to arthritis and long term problems with the joint.

An x-ray was taken to further verify the diagnosis, with soft tissue changes being detected. Jemma was booked in for surgery to stabilize the joint.
The knee joint was initially opened and examined for any fragments of cartilage and to remove the frayed ends of the cruciate ligament. The joint was flushed and re-closed. A strong suture material- similar to fishing wire in strength was then placed around the joint, such that it would basically recreate the stability of the cruciate ligament.

Jemma woke up very well from the anaesthetic, and was very keen to show us how she could use her tail as a propeller. She was sent home on pain relief and to rest. Over the next four to 6 weeks Jemma would slowly start to use the leg again and hopefully will return to walking up and down stairs (with a bit more caution we would suspect.)