Mickey's Mast Cell Tumour

Canerous lump found on Mickey the Italian Greyhound
Mickey cuddling up to his feline buddy, Busted

Mickey is an 8 year old Italian Greyhound who belongs to Dr Kylee, one of the veterinarians. Mickey developed a lump on his hind leg a few months ago. A small biopsy of the lump was done to determine what it was and what needed to be done about it. Unfortunately the results came back indicating the lump was a Mast Cell Tumour.

Mast Cell Tumour can be an aggressive form of cancer, potentially spreading to other parts of the body. They are relatively common in dogs and are not as often seen in cats. Mast Cell Tumours are graded into categories of their severity. Luckily for Mickey, his lump was graded as a less severe variety.

Mickey had surgery underneath a general anaesthetic to remove the lump. Sometimes a follow-up treatment is required for mast cell tumours, but Mickey did not require this.

Mickey remains tumour free to this date and continues to cuddle up to his buddy Busted the cat at home.