Millie's chocolate warning

Millie is a 12 month old curious puppy, often getting into things she shouldn't. Most times this is simply annoying for her owners, however there was one time recently when her curiosity (and her appetite) got her into a whole heap of trouble. On the day in question, Millie thought it would be a good idea to raid the pantry and found herself a bag of cooking chocolate which she freely indulged in.

When her owners came home they noticed a half eaten bag of chocolate and Millie twitching and appeared very aggitated. She was rushed to Essendon Veterinary Clinic and was immediately given some medication to make her vomit. This produced lots of chocolate but there were still more sitting in her stomach. Millie was placed on a drip to help flush her system, a sedative to calm her twitches and after her vomiting had stopped was given some activated charcoal tablets to stop further absorption of the chocolate.

Millie recoverd without any further problems. Her owners now keep the chocolate on the top shelf in the pantry.

Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning can range from aggitation to convulsions, and even death. The toxic component of chocolate is called theobromine which is in all chocolate but in much higher concentration in dark and cooking chocolate, with as little as 75g toxic for a 10kg dog.

No chocolate for human consumption should be given to dogs and remember to keep those Easter eggs up high and out of reach of our four-legged friends!