Minnie the Guinea Pig spends a day at the clinic

Minnie is a very cute and friendly 7 year old guinea pig. She came to visit our hospital as she had a very big lump growing on the side of her face that was starting to cause her some worries. We were a little concerned about putting Minnie through a general anaesthetic and surgery as she is a very old patient for a guinea pig.

However, she put on a very brave face and came to stay with us for a day in hospital to have her lump removed. Her anaesthetic and surgery went very well and she was straight back into eating as soon as she woke up!

Part of the reason for Minnie's fantastic health at such an age is the special attention she gets at home. She lives indoors when her owners are at home and she has the luxury of running around her yard during the daytime. Her friend Tammie (a little dog), keeps her safe from visiting cats. She is fed a very good diet of lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and has a nibbles around the garden during the day.

Guinea Pigs are not able to produce their own Vitamin C so it is important to provide good levels of this in their diet. Low levels of Vitamin C can result in skin problems and lameness - we are pleased to announce that Minnie is all clear in this department!