Monty and Casper - a double castration

Desexing of male dogs (castration) is a regular procedure performed on a daily basis at the clinic.  But it is not every day that you have to perform the procedure on two dogs from the same family.

Monty and Casper at recovery

Monty and Casper are Golden Retriever brothers and at 8 months of age, have become inseparable. The castration procedure is the removal of the testicals in the male.  We recommend the procedure be done between the age of 5-6 months, or before they become sexually mature.  The procedure consists of the dogs being fasted for the procedure then coming in to stay with us for the day when the procedure is performed.  After the surgery is performed, the patient is given time to recover.  Once recovered they are then able to go home.  Monty and Casper went home with an Elizabethan collar to wear so that they are unable to chew at their sutures. The collar needs to stay on for at least 7 days to allow enough time for the wound to heal.

Monty and Casper both went home with a bravery bandana each and will come back in a few days for their post-operative checks to ensure their wounds are healed.