Ophelia the rabbit - desexing and a day in hospital

Ophelia is a beautiful 9 month old Rex bunny who visited us recently to have her desexing operation (spey). On the morning of her operation, Ophelia's mum brought along some of her favourite food to have before and after her operation. Unlike cats and dogs, rabbit are not required to fast prior to their anaesthetic. In fact, it is very important to keep their stomach and intestines working or it could cause a serious post operative complication.

Ophelia's surgery went very well. At the time of her surgery she was put onto a drip (intravenous fluids), given very strong pain relief and some medication to help keep her stomach functioning. We also started to syringe feed her a special diet soon after she woke up from anaesthetic.

Ophelia went home on the afternoon of her surgery and visited us the next day for a post operative check up to ensure all was going well. She has recovered well from her surgery and is back to being a cheeky bunny.

We recommend desexing of both male and female rabbits. This is done not only to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to assist with behavioural problems, but also to prevent certain cancers. Female rabbits have a very high incidence of uterine cancer, sometimes quite early in life. If you have any questions about having your bunny desexed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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