Oscar gets his tongue twisted

Oscar, the wire haired Jack Russell, was happily chewing away on his bone when he suddenly started yelping. His worried owner came quickly to find out what might be wrong and noticed that poor Oscar had got the bone stuck around his tongue.  She tried to remove it but it was stuck fast. Knowing that he was in a lot of distress she rushed him down to our clinic.

Oscar with his Whippet friend

Dr Ashley tried to get the bone off but it was well and truly stuck and Oscar was getting more upset. Oscar was given an anaesthetic so that he wouldn't be able to feel anything and then Dr Ashley set to work removing the bone which involved cutting the bone in half.

With the bone finally removed Oscar was woken up and given some pain relief medication and antibiotics, and of course lots of TLC!

Oscar's tongue healed very well and it wasn't long before he was keen to get into another bone.. under very close supervision!