Ozzies Troublesome Heart

Ozzie is one of our senior pets at the Essendon Vet Clinic and has been a frequent visitor over the past six months due to a heart condition. Earlier this year he was diagnosed with heart disease that rapidly seemed to get worse over a short period of time. After a collapsing episode, his worried owner brought him in to see us. Ozzie's gums were very pale, his heart had a lot of irregular beats and he seemed really flat. An ultrasound was performed on his heart and 3 forms of medication were prescribed to improve his heart function and reduce the fluid in his lungs. Fluid builds up in the lungs or the abdominal cavity as a result of the heart not pumping fluid around the body and creating back pressure to these areas. Medications are prescribed to reduce the fluid in the lungs as well as help the heart pump more efficiently.

A few days after this, Ozzie's owner came back to see us quite distraught as Ozzie would not take his tablets. He was so clever that he knew when his owners were trying to trick him and hide the tablets in food and would clamp his mouth shut if they tried to put them straight into his mouth. All of the vets put their heads together and thought of an alternate plan to get the medications into Ozzie.  After a few adjustments and close monitoring Ozzie now has an injection once or twice a day as well as some medications placed in his ear twice daily to help keep his heart functioning well and keep him bright and happy.

We are pleased to report that Ozzie is tracking well and is off on his much anticipated trip to the beach this summer with his devoted owners.