Penny visits the dentist (that's us of course)

In February Penny, a 12 year old terrier visited Dr Seina Capp for her annual check up, and at the same time her vaccination, heartworm and intestinal worming were all attended to. During her annual health check Penny's dad mentioned that her breath has been very bad, she was dropping food sometimes when eating and was sensitive when he tried to touch her mouth.

Examination of Penny's teeth and gums revealed the problem. Penny had gingivitis (red inflamed gums), some loose teeth and a lot of tartar on her teeth. Penny was booked in for a dental procedure.

On admission for her dental procedure Penny was given a full health check and a 'preanaesthetic blood test' (this helps to identify underlying conditions which may increase the risk of general anaethesia). Penny's blood test's were all within normal ranges and then Penny was placed on intravenous fluids and given her anaesthetic.

Some loose teeth had to be removed, while most just needed a good clean up, this was done using a dental scaler (the same machine that human dentists use) her teeth were then polished to reduce tartar from reforming.

Penny was given antibiotics and pain relief injections and tablets to take home to keep her comfortable. After a few days Penny's dad was very happy that her teeth were now sparkly clean, she was eating well, her mouth no longer painful and her breath MUCH better!!