Pet insurance helps Monty's parents

This is Monty, a mischevious 5 year old Whippet. When Monty was a puppy, Monty's owner decided to take out pet insurance to help cover unexpected bills that inevitibly came along with his sense of adventure!

Throughout his short 5 years, Monty has had the following procedures performed:

  • Grass seed removal from ear under sedation
  • Cancerous lump removal from his back under general anaesthetic
  • Extraction of a fractured tooth under general anaesthetic
  • Fractured dew claw removed and bandaged under sedation (twice in his lifetime!)
  • Bone lodged in mouth removed under general anaesthetic
  • Skin allergies - generally flair up annually
  • Hospitalisation for nasty gastro-enteritis after snuffling up something horrid smelling from the bin

Cost of Monty's insurance is about $35* per month. Top medical care without the stress, priceless! 

It is really important to strongly consider pet insurance for all our pets, as often things occur without warning. It can place a great deal of financial stress on people when trying to make the best decisions for their loved pets. There are a great deal of pet plan policies available. We implore our clients to research thoroughly and choose the policy that suits you and your pet the best. For further information on pet insurance - click here

It is important to be aware that some pre-existing conditions will not be covered. 

We are now waiting for the next phone call from Monty's owner!