Pirate Poppy...a pirate no more!

Poppy came in to our clinic towards the end of May with an eye infection in her left eye. The infection was so severe that poor Poppy was not able to open her eye (and consequently looked a bit like a pirate!)

Poppy was put on pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication in addition to antibiotics and anti-viral medication. Nurse Catherine volunteered to be her foster carer and nurse her around the clock. Poppy had to be administered with her medications every two hours (during the day only, fortunately!)

Responding well after weeks of treatment, Poppy’s eye was markedly improved and she could open her eye normally and even had some vision. Weeks on and Poppy’s eye has almost completely healed and whilst some vision loss is suspected she will be able to live a completely normal and full life. She is now on the journey of finding her forever home. If you are interested in adopting Poppy please call the clinic on 9375 1039 or contact Second Chance Animal Rescue on 0421 418 448.