Poor Albert's bathroom dilemma

Not very long ago Albert was a very sick cat. He had lost a lot of weight and would have diarrhoea and then get terribly constipated. His blood test results showed a massive increase in his liver enzymes and protein levels, and a high white cell count. It was a concern that he may have had a disease called Feline Infectious Peritonitis which is not curable.

Albert had surgery and biopsies. He was found to have cholangiohepatitis (inflammation of the liver and bile ducts) and inflammatory bowel disease which is often linked in cats and is commonly associated with pancreatitis. Albert was started on medication which had helped with his improvement. It was tough at times as he continued to get terrible constipation and diarrhoea. His food was changed and he was given vitamin injections which made a big difference.

Albert's health has continued to improve and while he is likely to stay on medication for the rest of his life, he is a happy cat whose bathroom habits are now much more dignified!

If your cat is suffering from diarrhoea and/ or constipation, seek veterinarian help as soon as you can. The earlier your pet is treated for the illness, the quicker your pet will recover. For information on other illnesses or injuries related to cats, visit www.essendonvet.com.au/illness-and-injury-cats