Rosey the terrier's troublesome bladder

Rosey is a beautiful eight year old West Highland White Terrier. She came to see us as her mum had noted blood in Rosey's urine at home that had previosuly been treated with antibiotics, but had recurred.

We checked a urine sample from Rosey that confirmed she did have blood in her urine. This is not an uncommon problem in dogs and there are many reasons for it. Some of these reasons include bacterial infections of the bladder or kidneys, crystals in the urine, bladder stones and lumps in the bladder.

A urine sample was sent to the laboratory to check for any bacteria. None were found. Rosey then had x-rays taken of her tummy that showed a possible small stone in her bladder. Surgery was done to open Rosey's bladder and identify the stone. There was indeed a small stone inside her bladder, but we also found a small bleeding lump attached to the inside of her bladder wall. Both the stone and the lump were removed.

Rosey made a very quick recovery from her surgery, even having dinner the night after her operation! We sent Rosey's lump and bladder stone away to be analysed by pathologists.

We were very excited when the lump results came back as they showed it to be a benign polyp, not a cancer. Obviously very good news. The stone came back as a type called Calcium Oxalate. These occur in part due to excess calcium and oxalate in the urine. We have made some dietary changes for Rosey to try to prevent this from coming back again.

To date, Rosey is going very well. She has had no more blood in her urine and is a happy girl (with a happy mum!).