Sasha the Staffy

A few months ago we saw a beautiful girl by the name of Sasha. Sasha is a 14 year old Staffy cross. Her owners came in to our clinic with Sasha as they were concerned about her lack of interaction with them at home. She spent most of her day sleeping and rarely sought any attention from her owners.

Sasha was diagnosed with a condition called Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CDD).

Unfortunately CCD is a relatively common condition in older pets. It can manifest in different ways. The most common signs include:

  • confusion
  • altered social interactions
  • changes in activity eg. pacing, increased anxiety, vocalising
  • altered sleep
  • learning and memory problems eg. house-soiling, forgetting previously known commands

Sasha started treatment with some medication and a special prescription diet that stimulate brain function, and decrease nerve damage and degeneration. She also started a play routine to help stimulate brain function. Sasha has made some great improvements which we hope will continue.