Spike's weight loss journey

Spike is a wonderfully gentle 9 year old Kelpie who came to see us at Essendon Vet Clinic for his vaccination and 6 monthly senior pet health check. Spike was pretty healthy overall, apart from carrying a bit of extra weight. He had been having some problems getting up after he had been lying down.

On examination it was noted the muscles in his right hind leg were not as defined as those in his left hind leg. Manipulation of his joints indicated that Spike was suffering from arthritis.

Spike had to lose weight, at 38.7kg he was about 8kg overweight. Excess weight on inflamed joints would only make things worse. A special diet was given to Spikes 'mum' which is a calorie restricted prescription food.

Spike was also started on a series of injections called Pentosan to help his arthritis. These injections, given over four weeks, reduce inflammation in his joints and create a healthier more lubricating joint fluid which slows down further progression of arthritis and helps to relieve the discomfort.

Spike has done really well so far, he is more active and comfortable. He has achieved steady weight loss and at his last visit had lost 3.1kg and is on his way to reaching his goal weight thanks to his dedicated and caring owner. 

If you are noticing your pet is a bit stiff and slow after lying down, is not so keen to go up steps or jump into the car, why not make an appointment to see one of our dedicated vets. Or, if your pet has a weight problem, for only the cost of the food, our nurses can tailor a weight loss program to suit your pets individual needs.