Stout the French Bulldog

Stout is a beautiful French Bulldog puppy that has the best wriggly bottom we have ever seen!  He came in one day with a very sore right eye. He had been squinting and rubbing at the eye since the previous night, so his worried parents bought him in for one of our Vets to check over. 

The Vet placed some special stain called fluorescein in the eye. A small 2mm circular area stained up a bright green colour and it was found that he had a corneal ulcer. This is where there is a small scratch on the surface of the eye which is very painful for Stout.

Stout was immediately given some pain relief tablets as well as some antibiotic eye ointment to help lubricate the eye and help prevent the cornea from becoming infected.

Unfortunately, when the eye was rechecked two days later we found that little Stout had found the eye so irritating that he kept rubbing at it and made the ulcer a little bigger.  It was time for tough love and an elizabethan collar was placed to ensure he stopped doing this!

Three days later his eye was checked again and it was nearly better. There was a good blood supply growing towards the ulcer to help it heal. Then a week after this there was only a small scar left.  Stout was very happy not to have any more eye medications or tablets, however, he seemed to enjoy his extra trips to the Vet (and all the fuss made about him).