The case of pyometra for Indigo the female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Indigo is an 8 year old entire female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She presented to the Essendon Veterinary Clinic after not being her normal self for a few days. Indigo, being a Cavalier, was always keen on her food, but her owner had noticed that she wasn't eating as well as she normally did, along with being a bit flat, urinating and drinking more than usual. The owner also mentioned that Indigo had been in season about one month prior to presentation, then again one and a half weeks ago, then again in the last few days. Dogs usually only come in season once or twice a year, so this was quite unusual.

On initial examination Indigo was trying very hard to be friendly, but there was obviously something not right with her. She had a normal temperature, had a painful abdomen and was smelly around her back end.

Indigo was then admitted for an xray of her abdomen and a blood test. The xray showed that her uterus was enlarged and a diagnosis of pyometra was made. The blood test supported this with her inflammatory cells being very high too. A pyometra is an infection of the uterus, a bit like an abscess forming, but with nowhere for the pus to drain, the uterus is at risk of rupturing. There was no time to waste, Indigo was placed on intravenous fluids, prepared for surgery and her uterus was very carefully removed, with the surgery going well into the night.

Indigo was given pain relief and antibiotics to help with her recovery. Indigos' relieved owners took her to the emergency centre for overnight monitoring so that our nursing team could observe her overnight, and so that she could continue on with intravenous fluids and pain relief.

Indigo has been rechecked many times since and each time you can see that she is feeling much better, with her tail wagging one hundred miles an hour. She has her appetite back, appreciating every liver treat given to her by the team.