What did Tilka swallow?

Cats are very curious creatures which normally does not cause problems. However if that curiosity goes a little too far there can be all sorts of trouble like the case with Tilka.

Tilka, an indoor cat, had been vomiting for two days when she came to see Dr Seina. After examination of her abdomen and an x-ray, we knew Tilka had swallowed something that she should not have. The x-ray identified something unusal in her small intestine and surgery was the only option to remove the mystery object.

Exploratory surgery was performed and a five cent coin was found blocking her small intestine. Once the coin was removed, Tilka felt more comfortable and twelve hours later was eating again. Tilka has recovered well and is now back to her normal bouncy self - we just hope she has learnt a lesson and will not try immitating a money box again!