What does Tess and a number of unlucky footballers have in common?

Tess is a 6½ year old Golden Retriever who, like many adult breed dogs, has a problem with arthritis. Initial treatments, which included pain relief tablets and injections to help protect the cartilage in her joints and slow the progression of arthritis, were initially effective. However, in recent months she had developed a progressive lameness in her right knee.

Examination revealed a movement within her knee that indicated damage to her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). We often hear about this injury in AFL players, where the ligament that provides stability in the knee ruptures and has to be surgically repaired. It is the same for Tess.

Tess had surgery in which the damaged ligament was removed. A tear in the meniscus (a cushioning pad in the knee) was also repaired and an artificial ligament put into the knee to provide the stability of the damaged ACL.

Recovery from this type of surgery normally takes 8-12 weeks with monitored activity and a series of injections post operative to help recovery. The pentosan injections were particularly important for Tess as she already had significant arthritic changes in her knee and we are aiming to help reduce the potentially crippling effects of severe arthritis.

One week after her surgery, Tess was using her leg well. She still loves coming in to the clinic for her visits and continues to make a steady recovery.