A Sprinkle of Joy

Most days we are used to seeing a variety of dogs and cats come through our doors. They all have a story to tell and some more excitedly than others! What we don't see as often are our exotic patients, just like our little pocket pet Sprinkles.

Sprinkles is a 1.5 year old rat who lives with her sister and humans and loves nothing more than keeping busy and snacking on mashed banana.
She presented at our clinic with a lump under her right arm that had been growing in size. Her lovely humans opted for a lumpectomy under a general anaesthetic which was performed by Dr Stella with the assistance of Nurse Genevieve and Nurse Amy.

Rats are very prone to chewing at incision sites and sutures so preventing them from doing this post operatively can be very challenging. Elizabethan collars do not work well, however, body wraps and vests using cast padding and vet wrap, which sometimes involves wrapping the entire rat's chest and abdomen, have been necessary for a few days post operatively. Good analgesia is also imperative to decrease discomfort and discourage chewing.

Sprinkles' procedure and recovery went very smoothly and she was soon back having cuddles with her sister in their penthouse carrier. She has been back to visit us for a few post op checks and is doing well, still keeping busy and enjoying her mashed banana!