An Unexpected Guest

We had an exceptional little guest come in a few weeks ago at the clinic! This precious, young ringtail possum was found on the side of the road by a passer-byer and dropped in to us for some rejuvenation and TLC. We suspect the little one had a stumble out of a tree during the high winds we were experiencing. The little female was dehydrated and hypothermic but did a complete 180 after some heated wheat-bags, syringed water and sustenance in the form of strawberries! We recorded the area she was found to ensure re-release back to her family. Unfortunately she didn’t immediately qualify for instantaneous release and required a couple more days of care. We contacted Wildlife Victoria and a carer collected her from us that afternoon.

 As we have just entered Spring, we expect to see a few more of these little critters around, along with young fledglings that are leaving their nests and learning to fly.

If you find any injured wildlife, please contact Wildlife Victoria on 1300094535 or bring them down to your local vet clinic.

Remember to approach with care, as any animal experiencing pain can react unpredictably and will try to defend themselves.