Calling All Rabbit Owners!

Changes to the interval for Calicivirus vaccination

Recently there has been change in our knowledge of the rabbit Calicivirus (viral haemorrhagic disease) vaccination protection. Previously, there was only limited data available on the vaccine that we use and this suggested that an annual (12 month) booster meant that 10% of bunnies could be at risk of death if exposed to the virus after only 10 months (ie. before the next vaccine was due) so for this reason we used to advise a reduced vaccination interval of 10 months.   

More recent data suggests it is better practice and just as safe for our bunnies to extend the vaccination interval to 12 months so long as the rabbit has had TWO booster Calicivirus vaccine injections at 2-4 week intervals at some point in their vaccination history.  If this hasn’t occurred or a vaccination is overdue then this 2-4 week booster is required to be given again.

We are currently running a Rabbit Calicivirus booster package at the promotional price of $100 for both vaccinations in order to bring all of our rabbit clients in line with the 12 month booster interval.

The 1st vaccination and full examination are $81 - BUT you will get the 2nd booster vaccination 2-4 weeks later for just $19! Extending the vaccination interval to 12 months means that, where applicable, trips to the clinic can be less frequent and therefore reduce the stress of travel. It will also mean we are less likely to be over-vaccinating our bunnies.

However, in line with the most recent research and clinical trials, we still feel we are ensuring your rabbit is still fully protected against this life-threatening disease. Contact us at Essendon Veterinary Clinic today for more information or to book your appointment for the promotional restart Rabbit Calicivirus booster package if your rabbit is overdue for their vaccinations.

For further information, call 03 9375 1039 or email: [email protected]