Cedric's ear problem

Cedric ready for his surgery

Essendon Veterinary Clinic has recently had a very special patient, a beautiful chocolate Labrador named Cedric. Cedric had a sore, irritated ear for the past month and after many tests and efforts to resolve this, the only option was surgery.

Cedric had an Aural Haematoma, which is when there is a build up or collection of blood or serum in the pinna or ear flap of the ear, causing it to swell. This is caused when a dog continuously shakes their head from irritation or infection.

Cedric underwent surgery to relieve the aural haematoma by having the ear flushed, drained and then skin sutured to the cartilage to fill up dead space on the ear.  He is now on the road to recovery, and a much happier boy!

Cedric's ear after surgery